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Company Overview

Seoul Guarantee Insurance (SGI) was originally established in 1969 under the name of Korea Fidelity and Surety Company. As a comprehensive guarantee service provider, SGI is currently the domestic market leader in the surety and credit insurance industry, enjoying an unsurpassed reputation for its financial strength in the global market.
SGI’s stature in the industry has been validated by its credit ratings of “A+” and “AA-" given by S&P and Fitch, respectively.
Looking to the future, SGI will strive to reach its vision of becoming a “World-Top Class Financial Institution” leading the global industry. With more than 48 years of experience and expertise, SGI has brought about a better and brighter future to individuals and corporations through credit provision, facilitating Korea’s economic development.

ownership structure

[Shareholder's Structure]
As of Dec. 31, 2017 (Unit : Number of Stocks)
Shareholder's Structure
Classification Shareholder
KDIC 32,764,453 (93.85%)
Life Insurers 1,675,957 (4.80%)
Non-Life Insurers 470,749 (1.35%)

The state-owned Korea Deposit Insurance Corporation holds 93.85% of SGI’s shares.

Shareholder's Structure graph - KDIC:93.85%, Life Insurers:4.80%, Non-Life Insurers:1.35%

Market Position

SGI is the market leader in the domestic surety and credit insurance industry.
As of December 2017, SGI’s exposure amounted to USD 257 billion, accounting for 23% of the Korean guarantee market.

Risk Exposure by Guarantee Institutions
Risk Exposure by Guarantee Institutions
Classification Exposure
(Unit:In USD billion)
Market Share(%)
SGI 25723.9
Guarantee Cooperative 15314.3
HUG 34031.6
K-SURE 797.4
Guarantee Funds 777.2
Banks 837.7
Other 857.9
Total 1,074100
Risk Exposure by Guarantee Institutions graph - SGI:26%, Financial Coop.:19%, Banks:15%, KSURE:13%, KHGC:12%, Guarantee Funds:9%, Others:6%


  1. The figure for Guarantee Funds is based on the combined surety amount of 3 companies:
    Korea Credit Guarantee Fund, Korea Technology Credit Guarantee Fund, Credit Guarantee Fund for Farmers and Fishermen.
  2. The figure for Financial Cooperation is based on the combined surety amount of 8 cooperatives including Korea Construction Financial Cooperation.


Company Business Area Established Shares
SGI Credit Information Company Debt Collection Jan. 8, 2004 85.0%

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